An overview of the most important elements of our kit.
The contents of the kit is of course dependent on the travel party.
Glamping on the move!


All our tents are manufactured by CanvasCamp, market leader in the field of cotton tents.
The cotton lets the tent breathe and regulates the humidity so that you will sleep peacefully.

Our tents are sufficient to very spacious. Adults do not have to crawl around, but can just stand up straight.
Furniture and carpets are provided to make the tent cozy and comfortable.

Setting up our tent is very easy.
You can create a second home in no time.
All our tents are strictly non-smoking.



A cozy bed is an essential part of the tent. We provide a self-filling mattress of 10 cm thick.
We have specially chosen these mattresses because they deviate from the standard air mattresses.
The foam has a special structure with extra large horizontal tunnels which increases sleeping comfort and is therefore extra compact.
The mat is equipped with a quick valve so that it quickly fills up and easily empties after use. Glamping at its best.

You have the choice whether you want to sleep in one of our sleeping bags or in your will bring your own bed linen.

Perhaps you will sleep even better than at home.




Holiday is also associated with good food. After a good night’s sleep, you can prepare a nice breakfast in the morning sun.
The kit offers a 3-burner gas fire with pots, pans and small cooking utensils.
We will also provide a bottle of campingaz and a height-adjustable table for the stove.
Food or cold drinks can be stored in our 30 liter electric cooler. This cools to 18 degrees below the ambient temperature.





At the table

The bamboo table(s) are adjustable in height so that depending on the setting you want to create, you can sit in a chair or you can dine low on the ground on some cushions.

For our tableware we were looking for contemporary products that are as stylish as they are durable. Bamboo is the right material for this.
However, for the wine glasses we chose polycarbonate ones. This makes these glasses virtually unbreakable and yet lightweight.

Chatting while doing the dishes is also part of camping. In the meantime, discover the natural and delicious scented soap from Marcel’s green soap.









Sit back & relax

lounge inhoud

Time to enjoy that sunset?
After dinner, sit down with a cup of coffee or a book in our lounge chair.
Make sure you’re quick, because this is undoubtedly the best place to sit.

When the sun goes down, we will not let you sit in the dark. Each kit is equipped with candles and LED lamps.