Philosophy – Our idea


We are convinced that enjoying a camping holiday is only possible if you are well equipped for this. Based on that idea you can rent complete kits for glamping at GlampingKit.


We are constantly looking for the perfect balance between the ‘camping feeling’ and the luxury we are used to at home. That’s Glamping.
Of course, a number of basic needs are essential.

The combination of freedom and comfort provide relaxation and peace.


We try to equip our kits as completely as possible so that you can only pick them up and leave on vacation.
Let it wrap up to us.


With a GlampingKit you choose the destination of your vacation yourself. You are not bound to permanent camping pitches. Take a look at the website of ACSI or ANWB for example
After picking up the kit you go to the place on earth where you can completely recharge your batteries.

Outdoor – and why not even offline – enjoy.


Camping is an ecological way of traveling and take this further.
When compiling our kits, we took into account the ecological footprint of the products.
Where possible, we opt for sustainable materials.
Plastic is avoided as much as possible. Valuable alternatives are cotton, bamboo or wood.


Throughout the year travelers travel to the sun or warmer regions to enjoy nature. GlampingKit is available throughout the year.
Good news, prices of our GlampingKits do not rise together with the temperatures!

The kits are offered with fixed prices , also during July and August.

By renting the equipment you do not have to invest yourself and the budget of your holiday remains under control.
This also gives the opportunity for a “try-out” for the novice camper.
Is camping something for you? You have no idea? Let our kits surprise you.

For a limited budget you can travel with a camping kit that otherwise will cost you a hand full of money.



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Canvascamp katoen tent voor glamping - ons idee